[J&K] General Knowledge Questions 2020≫GK Questions Answers For Various Exam Part-II

Some Important Questions of General Knowledge

JK GK Questions


These are very important questions for the Written Examination in Indian Army, J&K Police, and BSF & CISF for the post of Constable
Q1. The Charter Act Passed in;

Last Renewed – 1813

Ans. 1833

Q2. The Indian National Congress was formed in 1885 by;

Ans. AO Hume

Q3.When was the partition of Bengal?

Ans. 16 Oct 1905 by Lord Curzon

Q4. Who was the first Tirthankar of Jainism?

Ans. Rishbdeva

Q5.Harappan Tools were made of

Ans. Copper & Bronze

Q6. The Main Crops of Harappan Civilization

Ans. Wheat and Barley

Q7. The Later Vedic Era Means the age of the compilation of

a) Brahmanas

b) Aranyaks

c) Samhitas

d) All the Above

Ans. All of the above

Q8. The Famous Gayatri-Mantra is addressed to

a) Laxmi

b) Savitri           

c) Suryadeva

d) Indira

Ans. Savitri

Q9. How Many Gayatri-Mantras are there

a) Two

b) Four

c) One

d) Five

Ans. One

Q10. Which of the following Pala Ruler Founded the Somapuri University?

a) Gopala

b) Dharmapala

c) Ramapala

d) Kumarupa

Ans. Dharmapala