[J&K-History] GK Questions for Class IV, JK Police, BSF GD Exam 2020 (MCQ Pdf Link)

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Dear Job Searchers, today we will discuss the General Knowledge (GK), General Awareness Questions for the Constable GD Examination in BSF and CISF. Basic Questions related with the history of Jammu and Kashmir, GK Questions, and General Awareness Questions from old and fresh exam papers.

Q1. On Which Hill the Vaishno Mata Devi Mandir is Located?

A. Anu

B. Trikuta

C. Katra

D. Sonavari

Q2. Zojila pass connects?

A. Kashmir and Tibet

B. Nepal and Tibet

C. Ladakh and Srinagar

D. Leh and Srinagar

Q3. The Defence Minister of India is

A. Simriti Irani

B. Mulayam Sing

C. Nirmala Sitaraman

D. Rajnath Singh

Q4. The President of India is?

A. Venkaian Naidu

B. Ram Nath Kovind

C. Narendra Modi

D. Simiriti Irani

Q5. Shalimar Bagh, Srinagar was built in the year?

A. 1606

B. 1619

C. 1627

D. 1638

Q6. Which Mughal Emperor was built the Shalimar Bagh?

A. Jahagir

B. Babur

C. Akbar

D. Saleem

Q7. Sodium Nitrate is used in?

A. Cooking Oil

B. Fertilizer

C. Salt

D. Alcohal

Q8. Human Right Day is observed on?

A. 24th Feb

B. 10th Dec

C. 15th May

D. 21st July

Q9. Washing soda is common name for?

A. Carbonate

B. Calcium Bicarbonate

C. Sodium carbonate

D. Calcium Carbonate

Q10. The Gas usually filled in electric bulb is?

A. Nitrogen

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B. Hydrogen

C. Oxygen

D. Carbon Dioxide

Correct Answers:




4 – B

5 – B

6 – A

7 – C

8 – B

9 – C

10 – A