General Knowledge Questions From Jammu and Kashmir History – Download PDF Link

General Knowledge Questions with Special Reference to J&K
Q1. The Dachigam National Park is located in
Ans. Srinagar District (J&K)
Q2. The Dachigam National Park is famous for
Ans. Kashmir Stag or Hangul
Q3. The Kazinag National Park is located
Ans. Baramulla
Q4. The Hemis National Park is located in
Ans. Leh
Q5. The biggest National Park in India
Ans. Hemis National Park

Q6. The Gulmarg Wild Sanctuary is famous for
Ans. Musk Deer
Q7. Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary is located at
Ans. Jammu
Q8. The Hemis Monastery (Gompa) is located at
Ans. Ladakh (UT)
Q9. The total number of wildlife sanctuaries in Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir is
Ans. 13
Q10. The famous mansar lake is situated 62 kilometers from
Ans. Jammu