[JK-UT] Police Old Paper 2016 Constable Exam (100 MCQ Solved) || JKP Previous Paper Pdf Download

JK Police Old Paper 2016 Constable Exam (100 MCQ Solved) || JKP Previous Paper Pdf Download

J&K Police Constable

Recruitment Exam 2016

(Held on 20 March 2016 – Set A)

1. Constant efforts to achieve something

a. Perseverance            

b. Attempt

c. Enthusiasm

d. Vigour

2. The minimum voting age in India is:

a. 16 years

b. 18 years

c. 21 years

d. 24 years

3. If in a certain code CAT is written as DBU then DOG will be written as:

a. EOH

b. DHP                             

c. EPH

d. HPE

4. Which of the following word does not figure in the Preamble of the Indian Constitution?

a. Sovereign

b. Democratic

c. Socialist

d. Welfare

5. If you write down all the numbers from 1to 100, then how many times do you write 3?

a. 11

b. 18

c. 20

d. 21

6. The first Home Minister of Independent India was?

a. Jagjivan Ram

b. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

c. Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad

d. Pandit Govind Ballabh Pant 

7. The chemical name of table salt is:

a. Potassium Chloride

b. Calcium Chloride

c. Sodium Chloride

d. Magnesium Sulphate

8. What is the missing term in the following series: 11, 12, 17, 18, 23, 24, ___

a. 27

b. 29

c. 30

d. 35

9. River Nile flows in which country?

a. Peru

b. Egypt

c. Canada

d. Vietnam

10. Who is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India?   

a. Justice Tirath Singh Thakur

b. Justice H.L. Dattu

c. Justice Dipak Misra

d. Justice Faqir Mohamed Ibrahim Kalifulla

11. Which game is Saina Nehwal associated with:    

a. Tennis

b. Golf

c. Boxing

d. Badminton

12. Which British officer was responsible for the Jallianwala bagh massacre?

a. Maj Sleeman                                                                                

b. General Dyer

c. Sir Arthur Wellesly

d. Col Manson

13. If + means ÷, ÷ means – , – means x , x means + , then 12+6÷3-2×8=

a. -2

b. 2

c. 8

d. 4

14. Bhajan Sopori is associated with:

a. Flute

b. Shehnai

c. Santoor

d. Tabla 

15. Who amongst the following was called as “Frontier Gandhi”?

a. Lala Lajpat Rai

b. Mohd Ali Jinnah

c. Khudiram Bose

d. Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan

16. If x2+x-12=0, values of x will be:           

a. -3, 4

b. 3, -4

c. -3, -4

d. 3, 4

17. In which country is the famous Wimbledon Tennis Championship played:

a. England

b. France

c. Germany

d. USA

18. Dandi March is associated with:          

a. Home Rule Movement

b. Non cooperation Movement

c. Civil Disobedience Movement

d. Quit India Movement

19. 1st May is observed as:

a. UN Day

b. World AIDS Day

c. World Literacy Day

d. International Labour Day

20. What type of mirror is used by motorists to see road behind them?

a. Convex

b. Concave

c. Plain

d. Concavo-Convex

21. Which one of the following is a natural fibre

a. Jute

b. Nylon

c. Acrylic

d. Polyester

22. Choose the correctly spelt word:

a. Exemple

b. Example

c. Exampel

d. Exampal

23. On a vertical pole, a monkey climbs 30 feet in one hour and then rests for a while during which he slips down 20 feet. He again starts climbing and slips back in the same manner. If he begins his ascent at 8 am, at what time will he first touch a flag on the pole at 120 feet from the ground?

a. 4 pm

b. 5 pm

c. 6 pm

d. 7 pm

24. I prefer tea ____ coffee      

a. to

b. on

c. than

d. over

25. The host city for the 31st Summer Olympic Games scheduled from August 05-21, 2016 is:

a. Rio-de-Janerio

b. Chicago

c. Moscow

d. Manila

26. What is the product of all the numbers in the dial of a telephone?

a. 362880

b. 388620

c. 366820

d. 0       

27. Which of the following latitudes passes through India?

a. Equator

b. Tropic of Cancer

c. Tropic of Capricorn d. Arctic Circle

28. Value of tan 45◦ is

a. 0

b. infinity

c. 1

d. √3/2

29. Which of the following is a rational number?

a. √2

b. √3

c. √4

d. √5

30. A man is walking at a speed of 9 kms/hr. After every km, he takes rest for 9 mins. How much time will he take to cover 27 kms?

a. 6 hrs

b. 6 hrs 45 mins

c. 6 hrs 54 mins

d. 6 hrs 35 mins

31. The tenure of a member of Rajya Sabha is:

a. 3 years

b. 4 years

c. 5 years

d. 6 years

32. Capital of Malaysia is:

a. Bangkok

b. Kuala Lumpur

c. Abu Dhabi

d. Doha

33. Which is the most appropriate article to complete the sentence: I want to become ____ MLA

a. the

b. an       

c. a

d. No article

34. Silk is obtained from cocoons and requires_______ trees.

a. Mulberry

b. Apple

c. Eucalyptus

d. Oak

35. And why did the police suspect you? It does not make any _____ to me

a. truth

b. reason

c. point

d. sense

36. Earthquakes are caused by:

a. Denudation

b. Earth‟s Rotation

c. Movement of Tectonic Plates

d. Earth‟s Revolution

37. Ms. J. Jayalalitha is Chief Minister of which State?

a. Kerala

b. Karnataka

c. Tamil Nadu

d. Andhra Pradesh

38. Who composed the famous song “Sare Jahan se Achha”

a. Jaidev

b. Mohammad Iqbal

c. Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

d. Rabindranath Tagore

39. Who is known as the Supreme Commander of the Indian Armed Forces?

a. President of India

b. Prime Minister of India

c. Defence Minister of India

d. Chief of the Army Staff of Indian Army

40. In which year was the Quit India Movement launched?   

a. 1939

b. 1940

c. 1942

d. 1946

41. Volume of a cylinder of base with radius „r‟ and height „h‟ is

a. 1/3πr2h

b. 2/3 πr2h

c. 4/3 πr2h

d. πr2h                                                

42. Today is Friday. The day after 63 days will be:

a. Friday

b. Thursday

c. Saturday

d. Monday

43. Ankit started walking towards North. After walking 30 meters, he turned towards left and walked 40 meters. He then turned left and walked 30 meters. He again turned left and walked 50 meters. How far is he from his original position?

a. 50 meters

b. 40 meters

c. 30 meters

d. 10 meters

44. “Azad Hind Fauj” is associated with which of the following?

a. Jawaharlal Nehru

b. Chandrasekhar Azad

c. Bhagat Singh

d. Subhash Chandra Bose

45. Which of the following is correct?

a. (a-b) (a+b)= a2-b2

b. (a+b)2= a2+b2-2ab

c. (a+b)3= a3+b3

d. (a-b)2= a2+b2+2ab

46. Who is the Governor of Reserve Bank of India?

a. Raghuram Rajan

b. S.S. Mundra

c. Arun Jaitley

d. R. P. Watal

47. Who is associated with “White Revolution?”

a. M.S. Swaminathan

b. J.P. Narayan

c. V. Kurien

d. Baba Amte

48. The United Nations Security Council has ____ Permanent members

a. 3

b. 5

c. 7

d. 15

49. Telengana was carved out of which state?

a. Andhra Pradesh

b. Bihar

c. Karnataka

d. Tamil Nadu

50. Dronacharya Award is given to:

a. Scientists

b. Movie Actors and actresses

c. Sports Coaches

d. Sportspersons

51. Which of the following is the largest planet of the solar system?

a. Saturn

b. Uranus

c. Neptune

d. Jupiter

52. The largest fresh water lake in J&K is

a. Wullar

b. Dal

 c. Manasbal

d. Anchar

53. Which of the following gases is primarily responsible for global warming?

a. Nitrogen                                                                                                                      

b. Noble gases

c. Sulphates

d. Carbon dioxide

54. Lok Sabha is also called:

a. Council of States

b. Upper House

c. Lower House

d. None of the above

55. A student got twice as many sums wrong as he got right. If he attempted 48 sums in all, how many did he solve correctly?

a. 32

b. 16

c. 18

d. 24

56. A train of 500 meters of length is moving at a speed of 90 kms/ hr. How much time will it take to cross an electric pole located by the side of the railway track.

a. 10 seconds

b. 20 seconds

c. 30 seconds

d. 40 seconds

57. Which of the following state in India does not have a sea coast?

a. Maharashtra

b. Gujarat

c. Karnataka

d. Jharkhand

58. Choose the word with the correct spelling

a. Vahicle

b. Vehicle          

c. Vahical

d. Vehicel

59. Professor Amartya Sen is famous in which of the fields:

a. Biochemistry

b. Electronics

c. Economics

d. Geology

60. The number of Lok Sabha seats from Jammu & Kashmir State is:

a. 4

b. 5

c. 6

d. 7

61. The boss said, “I shall look __________ the matter”

a. at

b. about

c. in

d. into

62. Introducing a man, Shefali said, “He is the only son of the mother of my mother.” How is Shefali related to the man?

a. Mother

b. Sister

c. Niece

d. Maternal Aunt

63. A dice is thrown once. Probability of getting an even number is:

a. 1/2

b. 1/3

c. 1/4

d. 1/6

64. Find what will be the simple interest on the Principal Amount of Rs. 1000/- for 10 months at interest rate of 6% per annum:

a. Rs. 60/-

b. Rs. 30/-

c. Rs. 50/-

d. Rs. 10/-

65. in a right angle triangle, one angle is 15 °, the other angle can be

a. 15°

b. 75°

c. 115°

d. 65°                                                                   

66. Unit of inheritance is called:

a. Nucleus

b. Gene

c. Cell

d. Tissue

67. Pashmina wool is obtained from:

a. Sheep

b. Yak

c. Goat

d. Camel

68. Loudness of sound is measured in:

a. decibel (dB)      

b. hertz (Hz)

c. metre (m)

d. metre/second (m/s)

69. Find the missing term: ZA, YB, XC,____, VE, UF

a. WD

b. DW

c. UW

d. WU

70. Chemical formula for water is:

a. HO

b. H2O

c. H3O

d. H2O2

71. Which of the following won the “Orange Cap” for most runs in IPL 8?

a. AB de Villers

b. David Warner

c. Virat Kohli

d. Chris Gayle


72. India shares longest international boundary with which of the following country?

a. Bangladesh

b. China

c. Nepal

d. Bhutan

73. A box contains 7 red balls, 8 green balls and 5 blue balls. When one ball is randomly drawn from the box, probability of its being a blue ball will be:

a. 1/2

b. 1/3

c. 1/4

d. 1/5

74. Malik is fourteen from right end in a row of 40 boys. What is his position from the left end?

a. 27th

b. 26th

c. 25th

d. 24th

75. The personality not connected with 1857 mutiny is:

a. Tantia Tope

b. Lakshmibai

c. Subhas Chandra Bose

d. Mangal Pandey

76. A bus for Delhi leaves every thirty minutes from a bus stand. An enquiry clerk told a passenger that the bus had already left ten minutes ago and the next bus will leave at 9:35 am. At what time did the enquiry clerk give this information to the passenger?

a. 9:15 am

b. 9:08 am

c. 8:55 am

d. 9:10 am

77. Who gave the slogan- “Swaraj is my birthright and I shall have it”

a. Bhagat Singh

b. Sukhdev

c. Bal Gangadhar Tilak

d. Raj Guru

78. In an equilateral triangle:

a. all sides are equal

b. all angles are equal

c. both a & b are correct

d. both a & b are incorrect

79. How many Revenue districts are there in the State of J&K?

a. 14

b. 22

c. 24

d. 30

80. Find the right alternative in the given series: BEG, DGI, FIK, HKM, ___

a. JMO

b. KMO

c. JML

d. JNP

81. Choose the word which is opposite in meaning to the italicized word: His book has a short but useful introduction

a. conclusion

b. end

c. termination

d. deduction

82. The most appropriate collective noun is : A _____ of cattle

a. Herd

b. Pack

c. Swarm

d. Flock

83. Rajatarangini, the famous chronology of Kashmir Kings was written by:

a. Parmanand

b. Kalhana

c. Zinda Kaul

d. Ghulam Ahmad Mahjoor

84. A circle is drawn inside a square having side as „a‟ touching all the four sides of the square. Area of that circle will be

a. πa2

b. πa2/2

c. πa2/4

d. 4 πa2

85. Choose the correct alternative Car: Garage as Aeroplane:

a. Port

b. Depot

c. Hangar

d. Harbour

86. If in a class of 37 students standing in a straight line, the place of Radha and Sita are 10th and 16th respectively, what are their places from the last?

a. 28th and 22nd

b. 27th and 21st

c. 28th and 20th

d. 27th and 22nd

87. Vitamin D deficient patient is recommended:

a. Sun bath

b. Sauna bath

c. Cold and Hot water bath

d. Massage

88. India is a “Secular” state. It means that the Indian State

a. favours only selected religions

b. favours the religion of the majority community

c. favours the religion of the minority community

d. favours no particular religion

89. What is the currency of Bangladesh called?

a. Dinar

b. Rial

c. Taka

d. Rupees

90. Who was the chief guest for the Republic Day Celebrations in New Delhi on 26th January 2016?

a. Mr. Francois Hollande

b. Mr. Barack Obama

c. Mr. Shinzo Abe

d. Ms Angela Merkel

91. Lack of __________ causes Diabetes

a. Sugar

b. Insulin

c. Calcium

d. Vitamins

92. Choose the word nearest in meaning to the italicized part: Grandmother has been getting feeble of late

a. tall

b. weak

c. strong

d. small

93. The force involved in falling of an apple from a tree is:

a. Magnetic Force

b. Gravitational Force

c. Contact Force

d. Electrostatic Force

94. The flight had taken off before I _____ the airport

a. reach

b. reached

c. was reaching

d. reaches

95. Which of the following is widely used as an anesthetic?

a. Chloroform

b. Methane

c. Ammonia

d. Chlorine

96. FDI refers to:

a. Fixed Deposit Interest

b. Fixed Deposit Investment

c. Future Derivative Investment

d. Foreign Direct Investment

97. Which one of the following gases is given out during photosynthesis?

a. Carbon dioxide

b. Nitrogen

c. Hydrogen

d. Oxygen

98. Find the missing number: 25, 49, 81,___, 169, 225

a. 100

b. 121

c. 144

d. None of the above

99. Who was the first woman President of Indian National Congress?

a. Sarojini Naidu

b. Annie Besant

c. Sucheta Kriplani

d. Aruna Asaf Ali

100. Which is the capital of Arunachal Pradesh?

a. Dispur

b. Gangtok

c. Itanagar

d. Agartala

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